Nurse can make a difference

This is a long video, but worth watching.
This is a bad outcome that could have been prevented. Two things about this video jumped out at me—well, 3, actually. The first was the tunnel vision and bad choices that the anesthesia staff exhibited. The second was that the nursing staff recognized the problem and what was going to be needed, and, third, that they didn’t take a stand.
I’m not going to talk about the anethesia part of the this at all. It’s the nursing response that I’m interested in.
I know I’ve said it before, but my nursing carreer has been blessed. The first nurse I remember was actually a fictional charachter: it was Dixie McCall on Emergency. She looked at and talked to the docs as an equal. So that’s how I thought nurses were supposed to be and act. Then when I actually got into nursing, a couple of the first nurses I remember were older diploma nurses; one was even a nun. Although I’m ashamed to say it, I can’t remember their names. They were both strong and stood up to the docs and were not afraid to tell the docs what the patients needed.
Most recently I was working in the SICU with Drs. Provost and Lipsett. They empowered the nurses to stand up to the docs when they weren’t following the established procedures. This was reniforced when I was working in the Emergency Department at the University of Colorado. The attending told the residents that the nurses’ job was to protect the patient from them.
Instead of nursing diagnoses and nursing “theories” we need to change the focus in nursing education to a focus on what it REALLY means to be a professional and a team member and have a VOICE in the care of our patients.

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