What does your path to mastery look like?

What does your path to Excellence/Mastery look like?

(Concept shamelessly stolen from Scott Weingart MD and his Path to Insanity podcast)

dreyfusWhere are you on this scale?

I have a goal.  I want to be a true expert in my field.  At one point I considered myself an expert, and had little tolerance for a lot of my peers.  But when I participated in some honest refection, I had to be honest with myself.   I was no more than a competent nurse.  When I realized that, I set a path towards excellence and expertise.  What I didn’t know until later on was that I was developing my own Personal Learning Network or PLN.

It started with a calendar.   I put my schedule in it and then I scheduled 4 hours a week to read journals.   I have the computer set up to feed me blogs.  I follow way to many people on twitter

I read a lot of journals.  Now I don’t read each and everyone one of them from cover to cover.   With the advent of online notification, I pick and choose articles from some of the journals, and others I read cover to cover.  Now that I can have a lot of them parked on my iPad, I can use downtime to read.

Academic Journals

  • Academic Emergency Medicine
  • Advanced Emergency Nursing
  • Air Medical Journal
  • American Journal of Cardiology
  • American Journal of Critical Care
  • American Journal of Emergency Medicine
  • American Journal of Nursing
  • Annals of Emergency Medicine
  • Chest
  • Circulation
  • Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Disaster and Prehospital Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine Journal
  • Emergency Medicine Clinics
  • Evidence-based Health Care and Public Health
  • International Emergency Nursing
  • JAMA
  • Journal of Critical Care
  • Journal of Emergency Medicine
  • Journal of Emergency Nursing
  • Journal of Infusion Nursing
  • Journal of Nursing Edcucation
  • Journal of Nursing Management
  • Journal of Trauma
  • Journal of Trauma Nursing
  • Medical Education
  • Nursing Made Incredibly Easy
  • Prehospital Emergency Medicine
  • Resuscitation
  • Shock
  • Wilderness and Environmental Medicine
  • Random articles recommended by the people on twitter I follow

Blogs/RSS Feeds/Podcasts

  • Life in the Fast Lane
  • Pharm
  • Academic Life in Emergency Medciine

YouTube Channels

  • IMedicalSchool
  • Patwari Academy
  • ECGTeacher
  • Khanacademymedicine
  • MEDCRAMvideos
  • TheSMACCchannel

As a nurse, again I was fortunate to work with a group of MD that pimped the nurses as much as they pimped the interns and residents.  I learned from the beginning of my career to ask questions.  It took awhile to become confident enough to ask questions about treatment decisions though.  As my knowledge base increased I found I was able to speak the language better and point out things that I had found in my assessment that the residents many not have.  As my knowledge base grew I was better able to present things in a way that got me listened to.

I attend conferences.   I try to attend at least one conference a year.  I alternate Emergency, Critical Care and a “Doc” conference.  I budget for the conference as a necessary professional expense.  Sometimes that means I have to work overtime shifts to pay for it.

Networking.    Over the years I’ve developed a network of people I trust and can depend on to respond when I need more information.   With the advent of social media, that network has expanded a bit.  Even though it’s been 10 years since I left Hopkins.  Peter Pronovost, MD still answers my emails.  🙂

Using twitter as part of my networking, I identify topics that I”m interested in, and taking guidance from there, research and apply to nursing.

OK.  So I’ve bragged enough, were are YOU on your path to being an expert?   Do you have a roadmap to get there?


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