Other things to think about

The nursing and medical stuff you need to know are obvious, but there are other things to think about that can keep you from achieving that expert status.

  1.  Finaances – I”ve discovered that the stressors of life can distract you from acieving mastery.  Setting a budget, paying off debt made a big difference.  Now I can go to conferences it I wasn’t and not depend on someone else to pay for.  I can take a class that I want, etc.  I use “YOU NEED A BUDGET” which is an app as well as a system, but any of them would work.

  2. Hobbies – You need a hobby, or hobbies and you need to actually partake in them.   You can’t focus on nursing 24/7  or you’ll burn out.

  3.  It’s a lot harder to do it alone than with friends.  Having friends to help and challenge you as well as support you makes this journey a lot easier and enjoyable


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