What’s on my iPhone 

i just reformatted my , trying to decide if I can justify buying a new 6plus

My devises are my core devises.  They are the foundation of the technical tools for my path to being an expert.  So in this light I thought I’d give you a run down of what’s on my iPhone and why.

After connecting it to my Apple Account and iCloud The first thing I put on my device is

  • Dropbox
  • 1Password. This has all my logins, passwords, registrations no serial numbers etc. I use Dropbox sync so Dropbox had to go on first.

Next I add online accounts

  • Google (calendar, email, contacts)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Built in apps

  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Calendar

Social Media Apps

  • Tweetbot (I do wish they would go to a universal app and not different ones for iPhone and .  Does most of what I want in Twitter app.  Let’s me save to wherever I want)
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn 

Productivity These are the apps I use to keep me productive where ever I am.

  • Keynote (My go to presentation software.  Exports to whatever I need, can do presentations directly from iPhone or iPad to AppleTV.  I travel,with my own projector and Apple TV setup, so I’m self contained and not dependent on anyone)
  • Pages (I admit I tend to use word for writing on MACBook Air.   Since the world revolves around MS Word.  But since Papers 3 cites while I write to it pretty well, I’m giving it a shot again.
  • Numbers
  • MindNode
  • Omnioutliner (Doesn’t everyone outline everything?)
  • Omnifocus (I keep trying to get into the GTD mindset.  Not working so well, but I try.  @MacSparky has a good tutorial on this.  I never seem to get the weekly inbox review done)
  • Pocket informant (I’ve been using this since the Palm days.  To be honest I’m not using it to its fullest, and could probably get by with just the. Jilt in apps)
  • Drafts
  • InShort (Diagraming/Project management app.   Just got this one, recommended  by @MacSparky, I’ll let you know
  • Evernote
  • Calcbot
  • Podcasts ( I include this in productivity.  I can listen no matter where I am. This is the one area I think Android does better than Apple.  You can take notes in Android while listening to podcast.  True multi tasking.


  • QxRead (By QxMed. Great app for getting the journals you read, or topics your interested in.  Integrates with proxy servers somI can download actual article, read, annotate, save etc.
  • Papers 3 (This is becoming my reference manager.  Although Endnote probably is a it more robust, papers 3 cites a bit better, and it works with most of my Mac OSX writing platforms, pages,scrivener, drafts)
  • Pubmed
  • Feedly (RSS reader)


  • WordPress (Writing this blog post on app now.  Gets the job done.  Still experimenting though. Mothers are a couple of 3rd party apps that do a good job too)
  • Blogsy
  • Podcast (Just now starting to look into podcasting and this and Bossjack get good reviews.  I’ll let you know)
  • Bossjock
  • Doodle cast Pro (This is my go to production app right now. Take Keynote presentation, export to app in PDFs, then record the presentation, voice over AND writing on the screen)


  • Bejeweled 


  • Kindle 
  • Olive Tree
  • New stand 


  • Davis drug guide (unbound medicine version)
  • Epocrates
  • QxCalculate


  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • HBO


  • Swiftkey (Alternative keyboard)
  • Swipe


  • GlucoseBuddy
  • Misfit
  • Urban Spoon
  • Fandango
  • Sleep cycle
  • YNAB (You Need A Budget app.   Syncs with my desktop program.  Trying to do the becoming debt free thing)
  • Banking apps (USAA RULES!)
  • Run keeper (Or walk keeper as it were)

School Stuff

  • connect (Adobe connect for webinars)
  • Panopto (recorded lectures)
  • Txt book reader depending on class

Last but not least, I set my setting to only allow certain apps to use cellular data.  If I’m not careful I can break the bank.  Wifi at work can sometimes be spotty, so I have it set so I don’t use cellular by accident.


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