Nurses are already on social media. How do we teach them to use it better?

Nurses are already on social media.  A group of us had a discussion recently about nurses on Facebook vs Twitter.  Anecdotally it seemed to us that more nurses were on face book than on twitter.  The discussion then drifted to reasons why nurses where doing it differently than the doctors are.  Although the discussion isn’t over by any means, we came up with some ideas.

The question I have is how can we teach them to use it better.   Social Media or Web 2.0 is fantastic tool that can be used for many things. Nurses as a whole aren’t using it anywhere to it’s strength.

How can we teach them to use it better.  Probably not by writing a killer blog post, or a journal article, not even a presentation at a conference. Although these things area great, they are only a small part of what we need to do. How do we teach them to use social media better?  We show them on a daily basis while they are standing or sitting next to us.  We show them a youtube video on how to do something,   We show them how to contact someone on twitter or Facebook that has knowledge that you don’t and transfer and share that knowledge.  Its showing them how to sort through journal articles for ones that might interest them, all without spending the money to subscribe to a journal you may only read completely  a couple of times a year.  It’s by demanding out role models start showing people how to used it better.

It’s kind of a shame that it was Doctors who showed me, and the medical staff still has a stronger clinical presence online than nurses do.  Nurses are strong in support and sharing, but not so much in using social medial to learn and advance ourselves clinically and professionally.

So how do we teach them to use social media better, By letting them see how we benefit from it.


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3 Responses to Nurses are already on social media. How do we teach them to use it better?

  1. Mindy says:

    I am one of the nurses who uses facebook more than twitter and mainly for personal use. I have gone to Brian Ericson’s presentation on how to use twitter to your professional advangate and I must admit I just need to take the time to get better at it and explore around in it. I probablyl should be doing this instead of viewing people’s dirty laundry facebook posts and the most recent popular viral video posted on facebook.

    • cbutton says:

      There is more to social media than twitter and Facebook. Blogs to read and Youtube video’s to watch. There is a ton of content out there. Some of it depends on what your looking for. Even on face book start with The Nurse Path.

  2. Sean says:

    Hello, I am an emergency RN practicing in the eastern region of Singapore, interested in educating emergency nurses and improving up to date practices. I have colleagues who are actively on facebook (FB). However, it puzzles me at times why they can be active on FB but not utilizing it as platform to learn. I am in the midst of creating a social media learning platform on FB to transfer and share knowledge with them. Thanks to the influence of FOAMed and FOANed. Hope to learn more from these platforms.

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