Nurse Curator as an integral part of a staff development program.

I’m trying to come up with a job description and a program of “Nurse Curators”. In my vision each unit would have one, and then there would be one in and one in administration.

The roles of these nurses would be to go out and look for articles, YouTube, blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, that the average staff nurse wouldn’t find or even think to look for. Information that will help develop the individual nurse as well as improve patient care. The education and admin curator would be looking for information on nursing and health care in general. Information on billing, politics, public opinion, and other global issues.

The nurses would be charged with not thinking outside the box, but using a BIGGER box. For example. The nurse curator in the ED would be looking not only in emergency nursing journals but the MD journals, quality journals, education journals, certification tools, pediatric, orthopedic, cardiac and other specialty journals looking for things that would directly affect the delivery of care in the emergency setting.

I”m working on final wording in my draft and a graphical presentation. Does anyone have any idea’s on role specifics or things I might have missed in my idea. My end goal is to present this to the VA as a system wide program. So taking potshots at the idea will be very helpful.




Brooks BA1. An emerging role: the nurse content curator. Nurs Forum. 2015 Jan-Mar;50(1):51-4. PMID: 24935444.

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