Critical Care in the Emergency Department
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I figured out what #FOAMed really is.

I had an epiphany today after having a short chat on twitter. I know what the real benefit/importance of is. I've stated in the past that the whole FOAMed concept is just an evolution of technology and not a revolutionary concept. It is the confluence of hardware, software and culture that happened at the same time for the tools to be useful to people.So what is the purpose of FOAMed. It's what igniting passion in people. The conversation online started with someone mentioning how they loved FOAMed because they were able to reach their RN partner new things. Since I took my Aricept this morning, I was able to remember back in the day when I was able to teach people new things. Guess what, this was before FOAMed. We would constantly look for journal articles spending time in the library looking for interesting things, When we found them, we would copy them and spread them around. We would talk to the trauma docs and other specialist and them come back to the unit and share with our coworkers. Sometimes because it fed our ego's to know something before anyone else did. Sometimes we just wanted other people to share our passion. That's what is happening now. FOAMed has allowed those with passion a mobile library and copy machine. Since you can show them directly something you see on a blog page, you don't have to take notes when you're talking to a specialist about a patient or treatment. That's what FOAMed is. It a tool that is igniting passion in people, and a tool that is allowing people of passion to share that passion.  It's been difficult for me at times to explain myself and verbalize the concerns I had over the whole FOAMed movement. I still have those concerns, and think that Open Source without a balance is risky if it isn't balanced with good critical thinking skills. I think I have a better concept of its strengths now and it's place in the scheme of things. I still hate to tell you this thought, It's not revolutionary though. 😎.
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