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Nurses are already on social media. How do we teach them to use it better?

Nurses are already on social media.  A group of us had a discussion recently about nurses on Facebook vs Twitter.  Anecdotally it seemed to us that more nurses were on face book than on twitter.  The discussion then drifted to … Continue reading

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You notice a lot of things when your sitting, watching and waiting.

My mother passed away this morning, My father, my sister and I were both at the bedside. My mother was extubated early sunday morning, it became obvious pretty quickly that she wasn't going to do well. My dad had already … Continue reading

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Nurse can make a difference

This is a long video, but worth watching. [youtube=]   This is a bad outcome that could have been prevented. Two things about this video jumped out at me—well, 3, actually. The first was the tunnel vision and bad choices … Continue reading

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Is CEN enough?

It would be nice if all Emergency Room Nurses were CEN’s, Certified Emergency Nurses. But is that enough in today’s emergency departments with what ED nurses are called upon to do.  The CEN exam focuses on Emergency Care, initial stabilization … Continue reading

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