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In an earlier post I questioned the validity of specialty certification.   With people cramming for certification, I think they have lost a little of what they used to mean. That doesn’t mean however that certifications are a waste of … Continue reading

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There was a recent discussion on twitter about who runs a resus better.  Both Cardiac and Trauma were brought up.  On some side discussions, it was implied that nurses handle procedures and process better than the docs do.  So I … Continue reading

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Certification FAIL!

A co worker of mine recently got a specialty certification.  It really doesn’t matter which one.  Prior to taking the certification exam, she paid good money to take a review course, and had planned her testing for the day after … Continue reading

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Nurse can make a difference

This is a long video, but worth watching. [youtube=]   This is a bad outcome that could have been prevented. Two things about this video jumped out at me—well, 3, actually. The first was the tunnel vision and bad choices … Continue reading

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Social Media. It’s not new and it’s not going to save the world.

I hate the term social media.  It’s a term that has been coined to cover technology and concepts that have updated to cover the new hardware that makes it easier for us to get distracted. “According to wikipedia, Social media … Continue reading

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