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There was a recent discussion on twitter about who runs a resus better.  Both Cardiac and Trauma were brought up.  On some side discussions, it was implied that nurses handle procedures and process better than the docs do.  So I … Continue reading

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Why Emergency Department Nurses Need A Critical Care Education

A28 year old female patient presents to your emergency room. Her “friend” drove her to the hospital.  It’s a cold, windy, snowy night.  And no this isn’t a murder mystery

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Personal Learning Network

Ok now that I’ve convinced you that you need to expand upon your knowledge base  how are you supposed to do that.  I get any were from 12-18 journals in my mailbox on any given month.  Do I have time … Continue reading

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iPhone and iPad in my clinical practice

My iPad 1.5 years later.   Yes I’m still in the middle of a loving relationship with my iPad.    Is it perfect?  No of course not, there is always something more that could be added, but the latest updates … Continue reading

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Upstairs Care Downstairs

Critical Care isn’t just an ICU treatment. Critical Care is everywhere.  On the floor, in the OR and especially in the ED.  This blog is dedicated to bringing upstairs nursing care downstairs to the ED.

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