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Nurse Curator as an integral part of a staff development program.

I’m trying to come up with a job description and a program of “Nurse Curators”. In my vision each unit would have one, and then there would be one in #education and one in administration. The roles of these nurses … Continue reading

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My path to excellence. Step #2 Certification

As part of my ongoing path to excellence I had to look at my certifications. During that time where I thought I knew everything I obtained both my CEN and my CCRN.  The CEN was a legitimate certification.   I … Continue reading

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Nursing Theory or Nursing Philosophy?

Grad school makes you look into things that you normally wouldn’t look into.   The key is to look into it with an open mind.  When I started  in this business nursing theory wasn’t as big a deal as it … Continue reading

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Is CEN enough?

It would be nice if all Emergency Room Nurses were CEN’s, Certified Emergency Nurses. But is that enough in today’s emergency departments with what ED nurses are called upon to do.  The CEN exam focuses on Emergency Care, initial stabilization … Continue reading

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Personal Learning Network

Ok now that I’ve convinced you that you need to expand upon your knowledge base  how are you supposed to do that.  I get any were from 12-18 journals in my mailbox on any given month.  Do I have time … Continue reading

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