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I figured out what #FOAMed really is.

I had an epiphany today after having a short chat on twitter. I know what the real benefit/importance of #FOAmed is. I’ve stated in the past that the whole FOAMed concept is just an evolution of technology and not a … Continue reading

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Another post on my thoughts on the role of #FOANed.

What tricks do you have to get nurses involved in #FOANed? There are no tricks! First look at what FOANed actually is. FOANed is the discussion in the hallway about something that interested a group of people. Nothing more, nothing … Continue reading

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#WILTW 4/30/2015

This week I learned I’M not immune to the Dunning-Kruger effect..  This is a theory that people tend to overestimate themselves, and aren’t aware of their own short comings. Advancing in any profession requires a certain amount of honest self … Continue reading

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